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Serious Mass - India Prices

Update on Serious Mass Stock - There is a severe shortage of Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass in India
There is no certainity on when the product will be available. Until then, please use the following link to browse through Mass Gainers 
that are in stock and ready to be shipped. There are several great products here.

Visit Our Mass Gainers Category Page - Serious Mass is out of stock

3lbs - Rs 1,999 (All prices include Free Shipping) 6lbs - Rs 2,999
12 lbs - Rs 5,099
Pay cash after you receive delivery

Serious Mass is Out of Stock - Click Here for Excellent Alternatives
Serious Mass

Flavors available - Chocolate and Strawberry

Product Description

Nutritional Information
  3lbs 6lbs 12lbs
Serving size 2 scoops or 334 Grams 2 scoops or 334 Grams 2 scoops or 334 Grams
Servings per container 4 8 16
Calories per serving 1,250 1,250 1,250
Protein per serving 50 Grams 50 Grams 50 Grams
Fat per serving 4 Grams 4 Grams 4 Grams
Sugars per serving 20 Grams 20 Grams 20 Grams
Carbohydrates per serving   253 Grams 253 Grams

Who Needs this product?

If you are doing some intense weight training at the gym and are looking to gain muscle weight, Serious Mass IS definitely a product to consider. Each serving of Seious Mass will provide you with 1,250 high quality calories. What is great about these calories are that they are very low in fat and sugars. This means that almost all the calories will immediately go to work on your muscle, helping it grow larger and stronger. Each serving of Serious Mass (2 scoops) has more than 50 grams of high quality protein. So, you will not even have to take your protein shake when you take this high quality mass gainer.

Many bodybuilders usually struggle to gain more muscle after a certain point. This is called the plateu in bodybuilding terms. To get over the plateu, the body needs a serious jolt. This is where mass gainers and all the high quality Serious Mass come into play.

Ideally, you should take Serious Mass twice in a day. Once in the morning and once after the workout. On days that you don't work out, just stick to taking it once a day. Some people who want to maintain a really low fat percentage will benefit from taking Serious mass just once a day.

Who should not use this product?

Don't take Serious Mass if you are not working out in the gym. If you consume Serious Mass without really having any workout plan, the calories will just turn out to be redundant or useless as your body simply does not need those calories. There is a good chance that the excess calories will simply turn into fat, which is something that you definitely do not want.

What does Serious Mass taske like?

You get Serious Mass in chocolate and Strawberry flavors. We personally tried only the chocolate flavor and it is was pretty good. It was like drinking a chocolate milk shake without a lot of sugar. It is not very sweet but it is still very drinkable, in just a few gulps. If you are not a fan of cholocate, you can definitley try the strawberry flavor. Many of our customers who have bought Strawberry have given a positive feedback about the strawberry flavor as well.

Though the manufacturers advertise Serious Mass as being easy to mix, it will require a few more shakes than your normal whey protein shake, to dissolve completely. Our advice would be that you shake this drink very vigorously, for about 1-2 minutes, if you want a drink without clumps. If you have a blender or mixie, just 10 seconds will be enough to get a very smooth drink.

Useful tip on how to take this mass gainer from Optimum Nutrition

Serious mass can leave a pretty strong aftertaste that can be a little bitter. To avoid that after taste, try to eat something solid after you have taken serious mass. For example, a small morsel of rice or chapathi with your favorite side dish will help you completely avoid the after taste.




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